3 Ideas for Making Your Child's Birthday Party Photo Booth More Memorable


Your child will grow up very fast and it is important to cherish each moment as it comes. This means that you need to make an effort to make each birthday memorable. Instead of just having cake and streamers, you can add party hire services that will make the day more enjoyable and stand out as a lasting memory for your child. A photo booth from a party hire company can be a great feature to have at any birthday party, but there are a few ways that you can make this more fun and memorable for all the party attendees.

11 December 2015

A Big Dog Party: 5 Party Essentials You Need for a Pup's Party


If you are a proud puppy parent, consider showcasing your love for your dog by throwing him a party. A dog party can be a small meeting with your friends and their canine companions at the local dog park, or it can be a more lavish celebration at your home or another area. If you want to be super festive, here are five essentials you need for your pup's party:

9 June 2015